Kildare Paving Contractors Advice From A Port Washington Pro

Kildare Paving Contractors

Asphalt paving is done by a qualified contractor that follows industry standards to provide a lasting driveway, parking lot, or access road. Finding the right contractor for your project requires asking questions that demonstrate their skill and ability to get the job done to your specifications. Beyond the immediate concerns of cost, there are many other factors to consider in your search. You can easily narrow down your options and find the perfect contractor for all of your paving in Kildare needs.

Experience Counts

Experience is one of the best teachers in the paving  industry. This does not mean that a new contractor is without proper training. They may have worked in the field many years before becoming an independent paving contractor in Kildare. You do want to take experience into consideration when seeking the best results. Do not be afraid to ask how many asphalt paving jobs they have done. Most are happy to share their experiences with potential customers.

Ask Friends and Relatives for Recommendations

Your best source for finding the right contractor for Kildare paving is not always the phone directory. Many of the people you know can be a great resource. Ask all of your friends, family, coworkers, and employers for their best recommendations. This will be information and opinions that you can put more weight into and find truthful. These are individuals that have nothing to gain in being dishonest about a contractor. Most will be happy to share their experiences, good or bad.

Three Estimate Rule

You should never jump at the first estimate for paving. One of the biggest reasons is there is no way to know if you are paying in the neighborhood of average cost for the job. You might be paying way over the amount it normally runs, or way under. Three estimates will offer you a better window view of what the average costs are for Kildare paving. An amount that is seriously under the average is a red flag that something is not right. Most contractors will have somewhat similar pricing structures. You will find most cost estimates are within a close margin of one another.

Be Leary of “Special Methods”

There is an industry standard to paving in Kildare. This standard exists to ensure everyone ends up with a uniform paving job that lasts an acceptable length of time. There are no “inside secret” methods that get the job done quicker, less expensive and with fewer materials. A particular length and width of asphalt paving will require a specified amount of material that is set by the industry. Shortcuts in method and shortages of material will leave you with a poorly completed job. Stick with contractors that do things the way they are supposed to be done.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Management

Every paving contractor in Kildare should care about the environment. Ask specific questions about how they handle leftover asphalt products. You do not want any dumped in your drainage areas, or spills left unattended when they leave. Asphalt products cannot be dumped in normal trash receptacles. Make sure you understand their methods of cleanup and disposal before hiring them to do the job. It will save a lot of headaches in the long run. Safety and leaving the area tidy should be of utmost importance. Check out for more information.

Is the contractor properly insured?

Anytime heavy equipment is going to be used around your home, business, cars, and family you need to think in terms of ultimate safety. The contractor should carry the proper insurance to cover any damages caused by equipment, chemicals or faulty operation and handling. Being prepared is not being negative. Proactively looking after the safety of your property and family should be expected. Take the time necessary to make sure that there is proper liability coverage. You do not want to end up responsible for injuries that happen on your property. 

Is their service recommended online?

You should ask for references and check them fully. There is another way to ensure you are getting true and accurate reports about the work they do. Check and see if there are any reviews online for their services. You can find out more information in a few minutes time than you might expect. People love to communicate both good and bad experiences. This can prove a useful tool in helping narrow down your choice of contractors for paving in Kildare. Remember, not every bad mark is justified, but it can help you develop some questions to ask to make a better determination of their quality and performance.

Will the contractor stand behind the work?

Another important point to clarify is if the contractor stands behind their work. Are there any warranties on the paving products and process? Very few people have the extra money in their budgets to get a job like this done again due to a fault in installation and materials. Make sure any guarantees are clearly stated to avoid frustration later. Catastrophic failure caused by bad materials and application is not common, but it can happen. 

Get with an expert in paving in Kildare and begin the process of restoring, or replacing your driveway. Plan for the job to take a few weeks from start to finish, but finding the right contractor will provide results that last for many years to come!