Cissie Youngs is a large and spacious bar with the comfort of your favourite local pub. Featuring traditional stove heaters and a covered smoking room. Fine lunches served every day from 12-3 pm. Perfect to enjoy all sporting events and social evenings.

Impossible to miss as you drive through the Bandon Road, Cissie Youngs has a well presented exterior and an interior to match with plenty to see and do. The large bar is the focal point of this pub and you're sure to find a few chatty locals there too.

Cissie Youngs is a great place to watch the match - with all their screens you'll never miss a moment even if you're a smoker as there is even a screen in the sheltered beer garden!

The pub is well known among students and has prices that students can't argue with! Only a short walk from UCC it's the perfect spot for students to hang out. Cissie's is a great place to get a tasty bite to eat for a fair price.

However the bar isn't just for students as it gets a lot of the local crowd too. This is a great place to enjoy the banter or just look at the walls with interesting pictures and old newspapers on display.

The pub is big on sports with almost every game you want to watch available. Cissie Youngs is a spacious pub with plenty of comfortable seating. This is the perfect place to enjoy a pint with a nice meal and the best standards of service from their friendly staff. So, the next time you're in the area, be sure to call to Cissie Young's - you won't regret it!

Cissy Youngs - to Rosa Alice Branco - by Paul Durcan

"That first year in Cork City - '71/'72 - I spent the afternoons from four to six

Sitting alone sipping pints of Smithwicks in a public house on teh Bandon Road, Cissy Young's, reading Bishop Berkeley's A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge.

I, ex-footballer, ex-hurler, ex-high-jumper, branded by the dominant males of the Irish tribe "a hippy" rejoiced in the eighteenth-century, I sat in the private lounge, as distinct from the public bar, because the private lounge was nearly always empty.

Men in the public bar saluted me through the hatch. Cissy Young's, all formica, banquette, more anonymous, cosier by far than any salty, arty Kinsale Bar.

That year in Cissy Young's reading Berkeley was a foundation year in my life as a writer and, if I may meekly, profoundly trumpet, my life as the virtuoso university teacher I never became: an attacking player on Berkeley's dream team.

Cissy Young's on the Bandon Road was my University of the Bermudas where I learnt the basics of my trade: learnt to think the hard way, learnt how to head the ball one way, looking the other way; learnt to communicate through the hatch; Cork insurance officials; learnt that reality is poetry, poetry reality; learnt the way of all things; learnt the existence of God - that at five in the afternoon on the Bandon Road in Cork City in Ireland in the empty, private lounge of Cissy Young's "To be is to be perceived." "
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CISSIE YOUNG'S,80 Bandon Road,CORK, Ireland

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