Dennehy’s Bar on Cork’s Corn Market Street (Coal Quay) is one of the last few remaining original authentic old pubs in the City. In the Dennehy family for over 50 Years, it has seen many changes to its surrounding environment. Amid developments, progress and technology, Dennehy’s has remained true to the tradition and heritage of what a real traditional pub should be. Dennehy’s, run and managed by Mary & Con Dennehy, is renowned not just as the best traditional pub in Cork but also for the quality of the pints served. Well known as a conversation pub, a political pub and a Munster Rugby pub. Good bantering sessions could occur at any time (Locally known as slagging). Dennehy’s in the past was the “local” of the famous Katty Barry who died in 1982 (Known locally as Kitty Barry). As Dennehy’s does not cater for the food market its opening hours are from 5.00pm daily, until official closing time, (N.B.) Closed on Sundays excepting public holiday weekends. During the Cork Jazz festival (October Week-end) Dennehy’s offer a “Jazz free zone” to cater for the many Jazz refugees who are discommoded from their many locals at this time, and visitors alike, just to savor the calm and tranquility. The Phoenix is an Irish news and satire magazine inspired by the British magazine Private Eye and a source of major investigative journalism in Ireland. The magazine was launched in January 1983 and is published fortnightly. The Phoenix room is a popular conversation opener. Beginning with the earliest magazine cover, published in 1983 and continuing to the present day the wall display offers a satirical insight into contemporary Irish political and social history. The abridged display also reflects the political nature and ethos of what Dennehy’s is all about.
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DENNEHY'S BAR,11 Cornmarket Street,Cork, Ireland

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