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McHugh's was established in 1988 and is situated beside the historic St.Laurences Gate, on the Chord Road. It is one of the best venues for live music in the north-east.

The front bar always has a comfortable atmosphere with our regular customers keeping a positive outlook on current events and is a resourceful information cache on any query or brainteaser that may be on your mind.

The front bar has plenty of character and is a classic example of what traditional Irish pubs look like and also stands out among the "plastic" décor that many new pubs go for in today's licensing trade. Soccer is generally what would be on the TV's unless there is an important GAA match on. Rugby fans will not be disappointed as we show those games too.

McHugh's Live Venue which is located at the back of the building has a spacious and elegant interior that will hold upwards of 400 patrons enjoying a night out. We have hosted an abundance of high quality live performances in the past including Republic of Loose, The Blizzards, Director, Jack L, Delerentos, Duke Special, The Coronas & Jerry Fish with many returning this year.

If comedy is your passion look no further as the cream of Irish comedians have all set foot in the now legendary McHugh's Live Venue. These top acts include PJ Gallagher, Des Bishop, Colin Murphy, Neil Delamere, Joe Rooney and Karl Spain just to name a few.

Accompanied with good looks and plenty of character the Pub/Live Venue does however have yet another essential attribute. Staff. Second to none the professional "crew" that are the face and cogs of our business will swiftly and efficiently provide a service that is expected in McHugh's.

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McHughs Bar & Live Venue,1-3 Chord Road,Drogheda, Ireland

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